Sunday, 9 June 2013

First Play On Mainstream Radio!

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Linley Hamilton BBC Radio Ulster

Since sending the promo copies out to radio stations, there has been a rumble, quiet but slow, but a rumble all the same, of enthusiasm for it and so far there have been a few plays on internet stations.

On Friday 6th, one of my tracks - Just Listen - got played on Linley Hamilton's contemporary jazz programme on BBC Radio Ulster. He was complementary about the album and the guy knows his music so I felt proud to be on the playlist.

My album is not a jazz album but there are a few tracks you would call 'jazzy' so I guess that's why Linley picked up on it.

You can listen here.

I get played about 3 tracks in so I didn't have to wait too long to here my name being announced. I know, sounds silly when you compare it to big names who get played all the time on main stream stations. But it really is a big deal for me and I'm hoping for more... one day!

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