Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Brentford Festival September 2011

Probably not the best in the world, nor the biggest but certainly the closest to where I live – The Brentford Festival opened its gates on the wettest and windiest days we’d seen in weeks. 

I had a wonderful plan that included recording everything that led up to that day so that I could show it as a video diary. It was to include rehearsals leading up to the festival and, of course, the live performance itself.  But the rain put paid to that and it was impossible to set up the camcorder. The show did go on when the rain slowed.

Let’s stop talking about the weather now. I’ve attached all the relevant photos to this recording of my interview at Hayes FM and hopefully you’ll get the general idea.

Needless to say, I was surrounded by some fantastic musicians. The gig was acoustic and included Manuel Salamanca on percussion and Pete Clark on acoustic guitar. My back up singers were Josie Bannis and Winston Ward who will also be appearing on my second album which is being recorded this autumn for release in the new year.

Stick around for more details about the recording of the album coming soon…

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