Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First Gig Of The Year

Well here we are again - another year, another truck load of opportunities. But last year, I learned I have to grab them as they go by on the tray of opportunities quite fast. The people carrying the tray don't always hang about for you to make a choice.

So - with the new album well underway for a release quite soon - I must do more to get myself noticed. As yet, I'm the only follower of this blog (so I could say anything really) I need to make some changes. Right? Right!

First off - more gigs. Didn't perform nearly enough last year and have to change that this year. So started with a cosy little acoustic, lunchtime gig. Here is one of my songs called "Alright By Me". Love this song - might become the title track for the album - who knows.  Listen and comment and do come back again to see how my mission to take 2012 by storm this year is working out!

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