Thursday, 11 August 2011

Music Publishing - made easy

For all budding songwriters like myself this has got to be for you.

And don't forget to pass it along!

News on the second album is it looks like recording might be completed by winter and a possible release date at the beginning of next year. Check out details of upcoming gigs this September on my website

See you soon music lovers...

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  1. Frederick Herrmann17 July 2012 at 13:54

    I would like to be a friend of yours as I recently became a music publiusher and have to learn the biz so I can help artists like myself never get ripped off again(as much as I am able too anyway with Gods help.)I am a singer-songwriter and I work in a retro-modern format(I make music with love and fire like the old days)Please come to my reverb nation site and I can use any input and help. My new album "fairytailmuzik" is getting notice from folks and legends like Brian Wilson and his bandmates(of beach boys fame)and others. Lots of harmonies and love...Frederick Herrmann ps. I live in Philadelphia Pa.