Thursday, 2 June 2011

Seth Godin – Building a Musical Tribe

#109: Seth Godin – Building a Musical Tribe

You should check out this link. 

Quite inspired by this podcast. Building a following has got to be the hardest thing any band or musician has to do. There are some worthwhile pointers here but hard to follow to the letter because a lot of what is suggested will depend a lot on relying on friends and family.

If you are an orphan and complete loner then this way of making a mark with your music won't work - so beware.

What you will take away from this, though, is that no matter what, the product is the most important aspect of your career as a musician. It has to be polished and make sure it's the best it can be before you start telling people how great you are. I will be spending the next few weeks working on just that.  I've written some new tracks and I'm very proud of them and can't wait until I'm in the studio. Very soon I'll be able to test them out on you.

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