Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Need Fans

I have it on good authority that the only way to get fans for your blog is to ask for them. Would you agree?

Well the title of this blog sounds kind of desperate and, as I've only just started this blog, I don't suppose I'll have that many followers straight away. I only hope though, that I'm doing everything right. Not being a technical person, I'm a bit concerned so perhaps I'll need to keep reading the never ending list of advice about attracting fans to my blog and perhaps something will stick. Who knows.

One thing I can promise if you do start to follow is quite a journey into my ideas for making waves with my music. I'm well on my way to nailing the sound I've been working on and I hope you'll see that when I add some music and possibly video content with my next post.

Take care and see you soon...

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